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January 2023

About Us

My company started at the end of January 2023 after watching my husband having his ears done. I worked for the NHS for a very long time and wanted to try something different that I would enjoy and help people in the community. I signed up for the course and passed with flying colours I’m pleased to say although I didn’t think that I would because of such low confidence in myself. However, I started to work part-time, mainly evenings and weekends due to me still having a full-time job with the NHS. 

 As time went on my confidence started to grow and I found that I really enjoyed being able to help people so finally after much deliberation, the fear of the unknown I decided it was now or never to leave my full-time post at the NHS and veer in a new direction.  Over the time I have met so many lovely people from all walks of life, had conversations and learnt so many things. It’s awful seeing the despair on people’s faces when they are really struggling because they are unable to hear properly or are in great discomfort, but it is amazing to see their faces once they can hear again.  It’s something that we tend to put to one side until another day and then another day becomes another week and so on not realising what a build-up of wax can cause and what an effect it has on someone’s life.

initial consultation

Assess the build-up of wax, if there are any signs of infection, trauma .


A modern and highly effective method nowadays for earwax removal.

Warm Water Irrigation

Pressurised flow of warm water that removes the build-up of earwax